Saturday, May 12, 2012

Elmhurst Children's Theatre Logo; Comedy Fest

I got the chance to design a logo for the Elmhurst Children's Theatre. Its teen comedy troop was going to a Teen Improv Fest at the Athenaeum Theatre, Chicago, and they needed Black tshirts. There was a lot of copy involved! There had to be included: Elmhurst Children's Theatre; Unintentionally Hilarious Five; Spaghetti with Awesome Sauce; No Idea is a Bad Idea, Except for This One. Caps supplied by client.

First I got all the spaghetti ideas out of my system. Bowls of spaghetti, forks, napkins, sauce, tablecloths- you name it. See? I did more but I'm trying not to bore you.

spaghetti roughs

Then I started thinking about the troop, sharing a meal together, and the audience at the event, waiting for the kids to come on. When the "people" sketch popped up, I went with it. 

the-people-waiting-for-spaghetti idea

The tshirt final logo was designed to go on a black tshirt. Very Improv of course. I ended up creating the whole thing in Illustrator, refining the sketch after using auto-trace. The font is called "Hello I like you" by Cindy Kinash and I found it here:

final tshirt front

final tshirt back

Photos of the kids at the comedy fest next!
Hope you found this interesting and maybe even helpful. It was a great project. Let me know what you think.